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Fastpartner AB

Our business concept is to own properties in urban areas with strong growth, and to develop these properties while generating a strong positive cash flow. We should always be available to our tenants and aim at building long term relationships together with them.

Fastpartner is since 1994 a listed public company and today its shares are quoted on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid CAP list. The company currently holds properties at a total value of more than SEK 15,5 billion and more than three quarters of the revenue comes from the Stockholm area.

We own commercial properties of all kinds, including offices, industrial, storage/logistic, retail, center, public & commercial services and care facilities. Besides Stockholm, these are located in Gävle, Mälardalen, Norrköping, Växjö, Malmö and Gothenburg.

We highly value having long term relationships with our tenants and suppliers, while constantly showing great enthusiasm to managing our properties and delivering swift decision making.


Fastpartner AB
Sturegatan 38


Christopher Johansson