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With about 6,150 employees and total asset in an amount of approximately EUR 174 billion, Helaba ranks among the leading banks in the Frankfurt financial centre. It is an integrated universal bank which is closely integrated into the German savings banks organisation and has a stable business model.

The range of services offered by the Helaba Real Estate Group covers the entire value-added chain: From financing and planning and development to the operation of sophisticated properties. Helaba offers institutional investors a large variety of attractive opportunities for participation.

Helaba conducts its commercial real estate business from its locations in Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, London, Paris, New York, and Stockholm. The real estate business is not only a part of the core business activities of the Bank, the commercial real estate financing business is in fact one of the strongest pillars of Helaba and in the national and international markets is constantly considered one of the most successful, thanks to excellent expertise, an intellegent risk profile and a stringent approach.


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Laura Casanova Talme
Helaba Stockholm T +46 861 101 16